September 2012: A list of things 


As a preface to the workshop on Saturday, here’s a list of some of the things I’ve found at the site over the course of our research, in no particular order:

rusting tractor oil can

plastic Castrol oil bottle covered in moss

fragments of coloured glass below the sanctuary windows

barking dog

buckfast bottle (empty) and plaster spattered trainer

hi-hat stand, hi-hat cymbal, various drums and skins

faded Stella can wedged between tree branches

shredded multicoloured bits of plastic


fallen bricks

rusted spray paint cans

set of white interlocking gazebo poles

more rhodedendrons

various CDs

white ceramic tile fragments

ceramic telegraph wire insulator (thanks to Gair Dunlop)

even more rhodedendrons

fragment of rope from former tennis courts

Jew’s Ear fungus on fallen tree

mains socket mounted in a wooden board

wooden beam and support brace

photoshopped photo of fake twins on a gate

cast iron wheelbarrow wheel hub and axle (thanks to Sean)

golf ball


discs of chainsawed timber

intricately carved sandstone blocks

lattice metalwork from a Victorian bridge repurposed as a fence

posted by Michael Gallager, IC team

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