July 2012: http://www.nolongernotyet.co.nr/ 


I have recently graduated in Interior Design from Edinburgh College of Art.  My final project ‘no longet not yet’ is a site specific event around St Peter’s Seminary. Influenced by the sublime atmosphere of the site I created a temporary intervention inspired by installation art.

The whole scheme is based on viewing, accepting and re-evaluating what has happened to St Peter’s Seminary. I created five moments: forms of communication to manipulate human perception of viewing the ugliness as beautiful. I do not offer form and design alone but direct engagement with the building. In turn this created opportunities for contemplation and creating your own narratives as you walk along the site.

The title of this project ‘…no longer not yet…’ relates to the present state of St Peter’s College. The whole project, like the building is suspended in time but designed to be removed, demolished or melted away.

posted by Gosia Bruchlikowska

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