June 2012: Kilmahew Wood, the Forest and the Trees; Actions Speak Louder than Words. 


Below are some of the images I found most provocative. Walking across the moor was great! Speaking in situ, gathering beneath the tree with some sense of unspoken purpose was also very evocative for me. This is a gathering point of some import. The shelter of the tree is ultimately accessible, its entry and egress can not be limited or guarded. It is the antithesis of the walled garden.

Trees conduct an exquisite discourse with the sun and air, pumping moisture from the soil to the sky, they provide structure and shelter, serve as both refuge and provision for many others. They benefit others as a condition… of being and inter-being.


Life is an idea that sustains a thing. Life is defined by respiration, nutrition, excretion, growth and reproduction. To live, to grow, to reproduce and to age are the natural free conditions of all LIVING things that exist outside the bounds (the control) of culture.

posted by Tim Collins, Artist, June 2012

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