Ghost Peloton screened at Tour De France

The Ghost Peloton film by Mark Huskisson was screened at the opening of the Tour De France in Yorkshire.

The stunning short film incorporates footage of Phoenix Dance Theatre interacting with flatline BMX rider Josh Briars set in NVA’s LED lightsuits. Further sequences were shot live on the Tour de France route through Yorkshire including helicopter footage of the notorious Buttertubs descent as well as stunning coverage from the live performances of the Ghost Peloton in mass choreographed action at the former Tetley Brewery site in central Leeds. The film was shown on large screens all along the route and broadcast as part of the official race coverage.

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Latest Project

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Kilmahew / St Peter’s

NVA has produced a practical and ambitious public scheme to rescue and re-invigorate Kilmahew / St Peter’s, the world renowned former estate and 20th century religious college complex that sits shrouded in beautiful woodland near the Firth of Clyde in west Scotland. The approach is based on partial restoration and new design, and represents the last chance to save this valuable resource from irreversible ruination.

Abandoned since the late 1980s, every structure on the Kilmahew / St Peter’s site, from medieval to modern, has been reduced to ruins. Brutal, beautiful, romantic…

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