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NVA’s mission is to make powerful public art that reaffirms people’s connection to the built and natural heritage.

The company has produced many unusual and dynamic interventions in extraordinary landscapes over the last 2o years – light, sound and collective movement have been incorporated into the mountains of Skye, city lighting festivals and international cultural events including the 2012 Olympics and the Tour de France – Grand Depart in Yorkshire in 2014.

Our practice uses creative learning and environmental innovation, involving audiences in physically redefining urban and rural settings, revealing how places shape and are shaped by people.

Permanent works, which often regenerate broken landscapes, include the resuscitation of St Peter’s Seminary as the world’s first intentional modernist ruin, to deliver a new model for rural arts and heritage development.

The Hidden Gardens, Scotland’s first sanctuary garden dedicated to peace, was founded in 2002 and has become a much valued part of Glasgow’s cultural life.

Speed of Light and Ghost Peloton are large-scale collaborative public art events. Each live performance generates original film and photography of endurance runners and cyclists in programmable light suits. A continuing world tour has responded to hillsides in Scotland, docklands in Japan, reformed urban sites in England, and the vast industrial landscapes of the Ruhr in Germany.

NVA is an acronym of ‘nacionale vita activa’, expressing the Ancient Greek ideal of a lively democracy, where actions and words shared among equals bring new thinking into the world.

NVA Staff


Angus Farquhar – Creative Director

Ellen Potter – Executive Director

Jo Cook – Finance Director

Annie Crabtree – Office Manager / KSP Project Assistant

Claire McNaught – Communications Coordinator


NVA Directors

Morag Bain
Jude Barber
Angus Farquhar
Faith Liddell
Brian McLaren (Chair)
Andrea Miller
Ellen Potter
Peter Lawson
Nancy Braid
Burness Paull PLL (Company Secretary)

NVA (EUROPE) LTD trading as NVA
VAT Registration No. 724 2264 56
Company No. SC183523
Registered Scottish Charity No. SC027613
Registered Office: 15 North Claremont Street, Glasgow, G3 7NR

NVA is a registered Scottish charity and company limited by guarantee. Our operational costs are funded primarily through self-generated income and we are one of Creative Scotland’s Regularly Funded Organisations.

Our artworks are funded through a range of public and private sources and generous public donations. All of these funds are  invested directly in achieving our charitable objectives which are to advance education through the promotion of culture and the arts and to protect natural landscapes and significant architectural heritage.

You can support this work in a number of ways; through specific strands of work such as our education or volunteer programme or by contributing to individual projects.

Donations can be made online by clicking on this link:


NVA is able to increase the value of your donation through Gift Aid  if you are a UK taxpayer. Please click the relevant box in the form.  In addition, donors are able to claim certain tax reliefs if they pay a higher rate tax.

If you would like to discuss other ways to support our work please email Annie Crabtree in the first instance on annie@nva.org.uk.



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