Test Dept mark 30th anniversary of Miners’ Strike 

Test Dept: Dunston Staiths

NVA’s Creative Director, Angus Farquhar will be reuniting with Test Dept, the seminal industrial band he played with from 1981-90, to bring the drama and noise of the monumental Dunston Staiths back to life.

Dunston Staiths is a monumental industrial structure on the River Tyne. Opened in 1893, it is one of the largest timber structures left in Britain and played a crucial role in shipping coal from that area.

The sonic, cinematic and lighting intervention will be viewed from the outdoor deck of a boat on the River Tyne over three nights from 27 March – Sun 30 March 2014. The event marks the 30th anniversary of the Miners’ Strike.

Test Dept will be exploring their own participation during the strike, where they engaged with mining communities and local activists on the Fuel to Fight Tour. They also recorded a collaborative benefit album Shoulder to Shoulder with the South Wales Striking Miners Choir for the miners’ hardship fund.

Visit the AV Festival website for further information.

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