The Tramway, Glasgow

1993. (Hamburg 1994)
  • Description

The first NVA presentation: a huge exploration of the human body. Sabotage drew artists from Scotland, England, Germany, Holland, Italy and New Zealand, each working on a personal obsession or close theme. The audience were processed in groups of forty through the ten installations at twenty minute intervals, leading to eight “take-off” times each night. The entire structure, using over 300 tonnes of scaffolding, ran to 3,500 computerised queues.

The installations included: Skin, Spiritual Sexuality, The Locked-in-Syndrome, The Heart, Disorientation, Artificial Intelligence, The Physical Condition, Pain, Pre-Death, The Death Bridge, and for the After-Life, Dead Elvis!

“An historical event – fight for a ticket” (The Face)


“Scotland adds another facet to her developing cultural confidence” (Scotland on Sunday)


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