The Soul Machine

Dowanhill Church, Glasgow.

  • Description

The final Test Dept Productions event was staged in a strange free Presbyterian church decorated by a relatively pagan humanist, Daniel Cottier, in the mid-nineteenth century. The performance looked at the parallel traditions of corrupt ‘Churchianity’ – the official hierarchical version of Christianity – and the hidden roots of Gnosticism, which have run from before the life of Jesus in a straight line to the inheritors of the ‘aurea catena’ in our times such as Jung. Directed by Polish director Mirek Cokur, ex-assistant of Grotowski, it included the incredible Gnostic text “Thunder – Perfect Mind” which was translated from a Greek/English translation back into Coptic and set to the first Constantine note structures, evoking the atmosphere of the very first sacred hymn structures – the real ones.


“The Soul Machine is continuously thrilling to watch” (The Guardian)


“Imaginative and stimulating… a very involving experience” (The Herald)


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