Virtual World Orchestra

Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow

April 1997

Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket was turned into a vast audio-visual arena, playing host to artists and artwork from 160 countries and translated into 14 languages. Playing to a live audience and witnessed worldwide through simultaneous internet and m-bone broadcasts, Virtual World Orchestra was one of the first global digital arts events.

Virtual World Orchestra playfully and provocatively made sense of that which unites and divides humanity, crossing all boundaries – physical, national, cultural and political. The narrative hurtled from club land to installation art, from concert to performance art.

An idiosyncratic group of performers included obstetrician and inventor Dr Graham Tydeman, Slovene philosopher Peter Mladek, art collective IRWIN, and writer and performer Dael Orlandersmith, alongside the machine aesthetics of Nicolas Anatol Baginsky and the remarkable human-cyborgisation performance of Stelarc.

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